Noah Lemaire

The biggest challenge for me was finding the right size collar.

Gustav is my first dog. You can practically watch him growing, and I’ve learned not to buy equipment for him without having a plan. The infinitely adjustable collars from BELLOMANIA help me make sure that Gustav is always wearing the right fit at every stage of his growth.

“The biggest challenge for me was finding the right size collar,” confesses Noah Lemaire, BELLOMANIA customer and independent dental technician. “I always wanted to have a dog. It just wasn’t possible before becoming self-sufficient, though. It’s really important to me that Gustav feels comfortable living here. That includes wearing the right collar. Since Gustav pulls so hard, I’m glad that the D-ring is positioned right on the collar’s buckle so that the point of pressure isn’t near his throat. Plus I can adjust the collar an infinite number of ways, making it a unique and perfect fit for Gustav.”

What does Noah recommend for others who lack dog experience and are just now getting acquainted with the idea? „Finding the right collar for your four-legged friend isn’t easy. Pay attention to the materials, how comfortable it would be to wear, and practical matters too, like whether you can clean the product in a washing machine. BELLOMANIA makes really cool collars with an ergonomic design meant to prevent pain or injury to your dog.“