Lucy Böhm

Stella goes swimming several times a day

“Stella has always been a very active dog,” says 26-year-old Lucy Böhm, a college graduate and BELLOMANIA customer currently living in Amsterdam. She’s working two different jobs at the moment, but in between she makes time for taking her dog on regular walks along the beach. Lucy’s best friend wears a BELLOMANIA soft harness made of neoprene, because it dries quickly.

“I always struggle with getting her dry after our walk,” Lucy admits. “Stella’s skin gets irritated if I don’t dry her off well. I used to have problems even letting her go in the water. I couldn’t just take off her harness whenever we went for a walk. Sometimes it went fine, and then sometimes it didn’t. But ever since Stella started wearing a BELLOMANIA harness it’s helped me get a handle on her allergic reactions. I feel like the fast-drying properties of the neoprene have definitely reduced her skin irritations after frolicking around in the water.”

When asked what else is important to her, Lucy answers with a huge grin: “Cuddling with Stella totally motivates me and gives me strength – especially when I’m stressing over school and have exams!”