Bellomania about us

BELLOMANIA was founded in 2006 by Bita Salz, an international model who was obsessed with dogs. A signature style of functionality combined with sophisticated design was immediately apparent in her first collection. With a shared determination and vision, she and her team set out to introduce high performance, stylish and affordable dog products to the planet.

Fast forward ten years and we’re still doing what we love — putting our passion for design, quality and durability into every dog product we create and working day and night at our headquarters to make you fall in love with your daily dog life.


BELLOMANIA provides the finest craftsmanship in each product, with an exceptional comfort for you and your pet. We love animals and are committed to operating a responsible, honest, and modern business.


The conservation of natural resources has always been attributed an important role and we take responsibility for operating a business and maintaining a supply chain that respects the planet as well as the people and animals on it. Because we love our world. 



Honesty goes hand in hand with responsibility. We know that we are not perfect. In many ways we are just beginning our journey and every little step helps becoming more sustainable and environmentally conscious company. When we design pet accessories and manufacture our products we are committed to environmental protection and animal rights and therefore not using any leather or fur on our designs.



Looks like everyone has their own answer for this....we think that being modern means considering the future, not just the future of new products and designs, but also the future of our planet. We are dedicated to helping change people’s perception of future dog accessories. 

Our Founder

Meet our creative, hard-working people. Had it not been for them we wouldn’t be here today.
Bita Salz Unternehmensgründer und Designer
Bita Salz
Founder and Designer
Neo Muse und Beschützer
Muse and Guardian
Ruba Extrem Produkttester
Extrem Product Tester